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husqvarna automower logoReady to check “mow the lawn” off of your to-do list forever? We’re ready to help. Clean Air Lawn Care Victor owner, Eric Worth, is a trained and experienced Husqvarna Automower dealer in the Teton County area. He offers experienced sales, installation, and service of all Husqvarna Automower models. Clean Air Lawn Care Victor makes owning a high-tech robotic mower easy and straight-forward. Get in touch today to learn more about purchasing a Husqvarna Automower, or for your Victor automower installation!

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Victor Automower Installation

Installing and setting up an Automower can be complicated. Depending on the model of automower you have, you’ll need a boundary wire, guide wire, and/or a GPS navigation system set up to keep your robotic mower on track. The automower also requires a charging station to be set up in an ideal location.  The amount of time it takes to set up your automower depends largely on the size and complexity of your lawn. As a local Husqvarna Automower dealer, we offer installation packages that make owning an automower even simpler.

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Teton County-Based Husqvarna Automower Sales and Service

Wondering where to buy an automower? You don’t have to waste time going to a big store! We offer personalized, one-on-one sales so you can be sure that you’re getting the perfect model for your lawn. We also provide full service of your robotic lawnmower once it’s installed. If you have any issues with your automower, just let us know! We’ll be right out to help.

Additional Automower Services

We also offer a wide range of services to automower owners, including recurring maintenance programs for your Automower, and Full-Service Landscape Maintenance packages to complement the lawn service of your robotic mower. Organic lawn fertilization and weed control treatments are a great compliment to the lawn maintenance performed by your automower. Landscape maintenance packages are available to care for areas not accessible by your automower, as well.

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The Husqvarna Automower Robotic Lawn Mower

Other than your ability to “set it and forget it,” what makes a robotic lawn mower better than a traditional one? The answer lies in its mulching design and scheduling feature. Unlike a traditional lawnmower, the Husqvarna automower is a mulching mower that cuts a small amount of grass frequently. Plus, it is designed with a scheduling feature that is set up to cut the grass at the optimum time and pattern to deliver a consistently, constantly, and perfectly maintained lawn. When we come out to install and set up your automower, we’ll make sure that the scheduling and patterning are just right for your lawn.

The Husqvarna Automower is the premier robotic lawnmower on the market. It offers reliable performance with robotic precision and high-end mulching technology. Husqvarna created their robotic lawn mower after decades of research, and it continues to be the best robot mower option on the market by a long shot. Take a look below to get more info about the different types of Husqvarna Automowers, and get in touch with us for more details about which model is right for you.

Victor automower Installation Husqvarna X-Line Series

Fully equipped with top-of-the-line features, the Husqvarna X-Line Series includes GPS-assisted navigation and theft tracking. A front rubber bumper, LED headlights and an X-line body come together to make these the best robotic mowers on the market today. X-Line series Automowers come in models with working capacity from .4 to 1.25 acres. Plus, there’s a model with AWD and a pivoting rear body design that can tackle nearly any terrain.

Husqvarna Bluetooth Connect

The Bluetooth Connect model comes with the Connect@Home feature, which allows you to send commands to your automower from your device up to 100 feet away. They have a working capacity ranging from .25 to .4 acres. A quiet cutter, the Bluetooth Connect line also offers advanced features like weather timers and guided passage handling.

Professional Models

Efficient, quiet, and clean — the Professional models sound a lot like a fleet of Clean Air Lawn Care electric mowers! The professional models are specifically for commercial landscape use. They are durable and reliable and feature GPS navigation, object detection, and a whole host of other top-of-the-line commercial features.

We’re ready to help you choose the perfect Automower for you and your lawn! Call or contact us today and we’ll walk you through all of your options.

How to Keep Your Grass Healthy with a Robotic Lawn Mower

An automower can keep your grass healthier than a typical mower in a few ways. First, it mows the grass more often, cutting a very small amount off the top, which is gentler on the grass than cutting a large amount every week or so. This type of constant cutting also keeps pests and disease from settling on the grass, which is a big bonus, as well. Finally, the tiny grass clippings are always left behind on your lawn, which feeds the soil with nutrients and biomaterial.

A robot mower does keep your grass healthier than a traditional mower in the above ways, but the fact remains that grass lawns are always in need of nourishment, due to their “monoculture” nature. Like your garden, the soil of your grass lawn often needs particular nutrients, minerals, micronutrients, and even living microbes to stay healthy. That’s why we recommend an organic treatment program for lawns that are cut by automowers, and offer discounts to our automower customers. Ask about our automower organic treatment discount when you contact us about your Victor automower installation.